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Branches of JSC “SFGCU” accepted about 760 ths. tons of grains for storage

As of November 15, branches of JSC “State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine” have already accepted about 760 ths. tons of grains for storage of the harvest of 2021. This is 169,9 ths. tons or 30% more than last year in the same period.

The leaders in the amount of grain accepted for storage are Starokonstantinivskyi Elevator Storage, Legendarnenskyi Elevator Storage, Savynskyi Elevator Storage, Lubny Seed Processing Plant, Sumskyi Mill. In terms of crops, 259,6 ths. tons of grain of wheat, 101,9 ths. tons of barley, 280,4 ths. tons of corn, 73,0 ths. tons of sunflower, 17,3 ths. tons of soybeans, 8,5 ths. tons of peas, 4,2 ths. tons of rapeseed, 5,3 ths. tons of sorghum, 8,2 ths. tons of other crops were delivered to the branches.


State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine is a leader among operators of the market of grains and oilseeds storage and has the most extensive network of branches in Ukraine. The elevator capacity of the corporation amounts to 3,75 mln. tons.