“SFGCU” can process about 700 ths. tons of grains, meeting 10% of the average
annual Ukrainian consumption of mill, cereal and fodder products.</strong >

Branches of “SGGCU” JSC can produce:

649,5 ths. tonsflour (per year)
30,5 ths. tonscereals (per year)
160 ths. tonscombined feed (per year)
The flour production
– comprises by 9 sorts of wheat and rye flour and its mixtures.
The fodder production
– comprises by a wide range of full-ration dry and pelleted feed for cattle, pigs, rabbits, fowls, fish etc.
The cereal production comprises by
– 5 types of cereals: pearl barley, fine-ground barley, wheat, buckwheat, oats;
– 7 types of flakes: oats, oats “Extra”,rye, wheat,barley,buckwheat, mixtures of flakes.
– 5 types of muesli

The processing enterprises of JSC “SFGCU” operate in compliance with rules and requirements of ISO 9001, based on their experience, as well as the world leaders’ experience in this field, and constantly improve the quality of the produced goods.

The system of security management of the processed goods of JSC “SFGCU” based on the requirements of the international standard ISO 22000, allows us:

  • to gain consumers’ trust and create the reputation of the producer of high quality and safe goods
  • to enter the European and international markets
  • to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise’s goods