Logistics services

The State Food Grain Corporation of Ukraine comprises of 2 port elevators – Odessa and Mykolaiv – with a total export capacity amounting to 2.75 mln. tons of grain loads per annum. This constitutes 11.9% of all capacity of peak export shipment of the Ukrainian grain and 19.8% of the average volume of export supplies for the last 5 years.

Odessagrain terminal
Mykolaivgrain terminal
export transshipment capacities per annum
2,75mln. tons

“Odessa Grain Terminal” Branch

Odessa port elevator was placed in operation in 1962. Over the years of its activity the enterprise had become one of the biggest grain transshipment complexes on the Black Sea coast of Ukraine. Odessa Grain Terminal contains the bakery put into operation in 1844 and the port elevator. The elevator renders services in grain taking, storing and boat loading for both export and import.

The service package includes:

  • wagons release process at the station Odessa-port;
  • acceptance of wagons to own access rails;
  • acceptance of grain cargo from motor transport – 80 cars per day;
  • definition of grain crops quality by rapid analysis;
  • unloading of grain cars with 100% transshipment of cargo with tensometric balance – 100 wagons per day;
  • grain shipping from a ship with 100% transshipment;
  • grain shipping to maritime containers.

The total service grain capacity of “Odessa Grain Terminal” makes 97.5 thousand tons including the elevator one – 67.5 thousand tons and the store one – 30 thousand tons. The main storing cultures are wheat, maize, barley, rape sunflower. The processing capacities of the subsidiary’s mill make 77 thousand tons of flour per annum, daily output – 335 tons.

the capacities in take-over:
2000tons per day
6500tons per day
loading rate:
6500tons per day

The enterprise has a certificate “Quality standard – 2006”, is rewarded with a certificate of the International specialized exhibition – conference “Ukraine zernova – 2007” for continuous improvement and modernization of transshipment technology of new types of small-seeded grain crops, mastering of container transshipment and introduction of experimental autoloaders.

“Mykolaiv Port Elevator” Branch

Mykolaiv port elevator was built in 1930. At that time the enterprise was one of the largest elevators in our state and Europe and the third in the world, the real standard of home port elevator construction. The main area of subsidiary’s activity is rendering services in import and export operations with grain and oilseeds, storing and shipping of grain and oilseeds. The total service grain capacity of the subsidiary “Mykolaiv Elevator Storage” makes 69 thousand tons. The main storing cultures are wheat, barley, rape and sunflower. The subsidiary has a household plot for grain growing on the leased 2347 ha.

the capacities in take-over:
2000tons per day
3500tons per day
loading rate:
5000tons per day