About Corporation

“State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine” Joint-Stock Company is the national operator of Ukrainian grain market, the leader in storing, processing, shipping and export of grains.

Established in 2010 «SFGCU» is the most powerful state vertically integrated company in the agricultural sector.

  • It owns about 10% of certified storage capacities and its port terminals can provide up to 6% of the average annual volumes of Ukrainian grain export shipping.
  • The processing enterprises of the Corporation are capable to provide up to 10% of domestic market demand of Ukraine in flour, cereals and fodders.


As of today, “SFGCU” is an active and highly-competitive member of the grain market, a stable partner of agrarians, a reliable supplier of grains and food to foreign contractors.

The functions of «State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine» are as follows:

  • receiving, storing, adjusting the quality to the basic quality standards and shipping of grains;
  • production of a wide range of flour, cereals, flakes, fodders and fodder additives;
  • ports shipping of grains and oilseeds ;
  • purchase and export of cereals and products of its processing;
  • implementation of international and intergovernmental agreements on supply of agricultural products.

The target and tasks of «State Food and Grain Corporation of Ukraine» are as follows:

  • effective management of the state assets;
  • development of  storage, grain processing and shipping infrastructure;
  • attraction of the credit and investment resources into agricultural sector;
  • searching and expanding of foreign trade  markets of Ukrainian grain and products of its processing;
  • strengthening of  Ukraine image as a powerful producer and exporter in the world market.