Ternopylskyi Mill

The first recalls about the Ternopylskyi Mill refer to 1939. After the Western Ukraine had been joint to USSR (1939), the government founded the center “Zagotzerno”, where the storage of grain, fodders and hay was hold. In sixties the enterprise were considerably expanded: it were built the still working storehouses. It was also joint the mill built in 1908 to the enterprise in Ternopil region.
In 1975 the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukrainian SSR rendered a decision on building of modern grain-processing complex as part of elevator, mill and storehouses in Ternopil on the base of existing enterprise. After assimilation of full capacity the Ternopilskyi base of cereal products was renamed to Ternopilskyi Mill.
The main area of subsidiary’s activity is rendering services in taking, bringing the quality to the basic standards, storing and shipping of grain and its processing into flour.
The total service grain capacity of the subsidiary “Ternopilskyi Mill” makes 44.1 thousand tons, including the elevator capacity – 35.0 thousand tons, store capacity – 9.1 thousand tons.
The main storing cultures are wheat, maize, barley, rape and rye.
The processing capacities of the subsidiary’s mill make 39 thousand tons of flour per annum, daily output – 170 tons.
The subsidiary’s capacities in taking/shipping of grain:
– taking from railway transport – 500-1000 ton/day;
– taking from motor transport – 500-1000 ton/day;
– motor transport loading – 250 ton/day;
– railway transport loading – 500 ton/day.