Royivskyi Elevator Storage

In 1929 near the railway station “Roi” an elevator began to work, and its initial capacity was only 12 thousand tons of grain. In 1976-1977 the grain capacities of elevator were increased by building of new storages.
The todays total service grain capacity of the subsidiary “Royivskyi Elevator Storage” makes 108.4 thousand tons including the elevator capacity – 98.8 thousand tons, and the storage one – 9.6 thousand tons.
The main area of subsidiary’s activity is rendering services in taking, brining the quality to the basic standards, storing and shipping of grain and oil crops.
The main storing cultures are wheat, maize, barley, rape and sunflower.
The subsidiary’s capacities in taking/shipping of grain:
– taking from railway transport –500 ton/day;
– taking from motor transport – 1500 ton/day;
– railway transport loading –800 ton/day;
– motor transport loading – 500 ton/day.