Novoukrainskyi Mill

Novoukrainskyi Mill is one of the leading enterprises of cereal-processing industry in Ukraine and has deep historical roots. The background for its material and technical base became former mill house founded in 1894.
The mixed feed industry of the mill began in 1962 with the implementation of universal feed-milling plant. The cereal industry began in 1985 with the work of one of the most powerful cereal plants in the country. Its specialization is in output of cereal flakes.
In 1999 it was equipped a plant of dry breakfast cereal with the technology utilization of German company “HANNE”. In 2000 it was mastered production of buckwheat.
Therefore, now the range of cereal products is more than 20 types. First of all, cereal flakes – oat, rye, wheat flakes, flaked barley, buckwheat flakes, mixtures of highest quality “Extra” and different types of cereal are a business card for the enterprise.
The total service grain capacity of the subsidiary “Novoukrainskyi Mill” makes 139.6 thousand tons including the elevator capacity – 76.1 thousand tons, and store capacity – 63.5 thousand tons.
The main storing cultures are wheat, maize, barley, rape and sunflower.
The processing capacities of subsidiary’s cereal plant make 30.5 thousand tons of flour per annum, daily output – 190 tons; feed-milling plant – 96 thousand tons per annum, daily output – 315 tons.
The subsidiary’s capacities in taking/shipping of grain:
– taking from railway transport – 300 ton/day;
– taking from motor transport – 1500 ton/day;
– railway transport loading – 600 ton/day;
– motor transport loading – 200 ton/day.
The Novoukrainskyi Mill is renowned throughout the world for its products “Hercules”. Such popularity has a powerful and reliable technical background: modern imported equipment, high technologies, rational use of raw materials ensure the staying within the natural entirety, naturality of biological value, tastiness of the products. The absolute benefits of cereals and muesli of a trade mark “Hercules” are confirmed by the special rewards: “The Purest Tint”, “The European quality”, “The best trade mark of Ukraine”.
Annually, among the most famous domestic trade marks the cereal products of the Novoukrainskyi Mill vindicates the honor of Ukraine at the prestigious international exhibitions. Only for the late years the products were introduced in Russia, German, China, Poland, Slovenia and other countries of the world.