Menske grain-collecting station

In 1930 there had been working the realization base of cereal products in the city of Mena and it had had only one corn house. In sixties of XX century it was placed into operation 5 corn houses, in seventies – another three, in 1980 – elevator at the enterprise. In 1975 the realization base was renamed to grain-collecting station.

The grain-collecting activity of the enterprise provides taking, processing, drying, storing and shipping of different crops.

The total service grain capacity of the subsidiary “Menske grain-collecting station” makes 41 thousand tons, including the elevator capacity – 27 thousand tons and the store capacity – 14 thousand tons.

The main storing cultures are wheat, maize, barley, rape, and sunflower.

The subsidiary’s capacities in taking/shipping of grain:

  • taking from railway transport –1200 ton/day;
  • taking from motor transport – 1200 ton/day;
  • motor transport loading – 300 ton/day;
  • railway transport loading – 500 ton/day.