Lubny Seed Processing Plant

Lubny Seed Processing Plant began its activity in 1938 as an enterprise called “Lubny realization base”.

In 1696 it was put into operation the maize calibrating plant, the productivity of which was 28 tons per shift, and in 1971 it was built the seed-processing plant with the productivity of 5 thousand tons of seed per season. At the same time “Lubny realization base” was renamed to “Lubny Seed Processing Plant”.

In the following years the material and technical base of the plant developed: there appeared new storehouses for grain keeping and grain dryers there. After the reconstruction of the seed-processing plant (1983-1985) its productivity increased to 20 thousand tons of seed per season.

The main area of subsidiary’s activity is rendering services in taking, brining the quality to the basic standards, storing and shipping of grain. It also performs the calibration of hybrid maize with sacking, makes other cereal seeds ready for sowing time. The workers of the production engineering laboratory maintain control over the grain condition.

The plant is certificated. The total service grain capacity of the subsidiary “Lubny Seed Processing Plant” makes 56.8 thousand tons, including the elevator capacity – 15 thousand tons, store capacity – 41.8 thousand tons.

The main storing cultures are wheat, maize, barley, rape and sunflower.

The subsidiary’s capacities in taking/shipping of grain:

  • taking from railway transport – 250 ton/day;
  • taking from motor transport – 2000 ton/day;
  • motor transport loading – 600 ton/day;
  • railway transport loading – 600 ton/day.