Kalchitskyi Elevator Storage

In the early seventies of past ages the capacities of grain-collecting stations in Donetsk region had not fully met the requirements in elevators for grain harvest, which was increasing all the time. It was taken a decision concerning the construction of three powerful elevators in this region. One of these objects became the Kalchitskyi Elevator Storage, the building of which had finished in 1978.
The main area of subsidiary’s activity is rendering services in taking, brining the quality to the basic standards, storing and shipping of grain and oilseed crops.
The total service grain capacity of the subsidiary “Kalchitskyi Elevator Storage” makes 74.1 thousand tons.
The main storing cultures are wheat, maize, barley, rape and sunflower.
The enterprise is situated at 40 km from the Mariupol trading port, which provides the grain transshipment for export by sea in the southern part of Donetsk region.
The subsidiary’s capacities in taking/shipping of grain:
– taking from motor transport – 1000 ton/day;
– motor transport loading – 1000 ton/da.
The elevator maintains the working relationships with scholars of Odessa national academy of food technologies, Odessa selection and genetic institute for topical issues, which arise during grain storing.