Grain Storage № 83

The enterprise was founded in 1936 and was called “Warehouse base. Mailbox number 5” of Kyiv territorial administration of the Ministry of state food material reserves of the USSR. The main task of the base was grain storage. After several renamings in 1946 and 1966, and in 1998 the enterprise was reorganized into Grain Storage №83.

The grain-collecting activity of the enterprise provides taking, processing, drying, storing and shipping of grain.

The total service grain capacity of the subsidiary “Grain Storage № 83” makes 51 thousand tons.

The main storing cultures are wheat, maize, barley.

The subsidiary’s capacities in taking/shipping of grain:

– taking from railway transport – 1000 ton/day;

– taking from motor transport – 1000 ton/day;

– motor transport loading – 800 ton/day;

– railway transport loading – 300 ton/day.