Burinskyi Elevator Storage

The subsidiary “Burinskyi Elevator Storage” got its name in 1974 after the reconstruction on the base of Burinskyi grain reception centre of “Zagotzerno” in Sumy region. The special buildings for grain taking – storehouses have been existing there since before 1898 – since the railway main line of the South-Western Railways has been opened.
The main subsidiary profile is rendering services in taking, bringing the quality to the basic standards, grain and oilseed storing and shipping.
Total operating grain capacity of the subsidiary “Burinskyi Elevator Storage” is 99.8 thousand tons including the elevator capacity – 72 thousand tons, and the store capacity – 27.8 thousand tons.
The main storing cultures are wheat, maize, barley, rye, oats, rape and sunflower.
The enterprise also renders services:
– taking from railway transport – 1200 ton/day;
– taking from motor transport – 4000 ton/day;
– motor transport loading – 1500 ton/day;
– railway transport loading – 1500 ton/day.