“SFGCU” PJSC is the leader among the operators of grains and oilseeds storage in Ukraine and its silos capacity is more than 3,75 mln. tons. As of today, several thousands of Ukrainian contracting parties trust our Corporation to handle their products. Two enterprises of the Corporation enter the list of 10 greatest inland silos of Ukraine.

The silos of the Corporation operates with 15 crops:

  • Grains- wheat,corn,barley,millet, spring wheat, buckwheat, oats,rice,sorghum
  • Oilseeds – sunflowerseed, flaxseed, mustardseed, rapeseed
  • Leguminous – peas, soybeans

The branches of  “SFGCU” provide following services within the processes of  grain collection and storing:

  • Making an analysis  and laboratory researches, grain quality estimation;
  • Grain weighting 
  • Drying, refinement, ventilation, fumigation (as appropriate)
  • Corn calibration, forming of seed, prepacking
  • Shipping of grain by motor or railway transport

The silo equipment of  “SFGCU” makes possible to keep grain in proper condition up to 2 years. 

Our advantages:

  • long experience in the market of grain storage;
  • extensive system of silos capacities within regions;
  • certified conditions for grain storage and ensuring of its quality conditions;
  • optimal and transparent tariff policy;
  • qualified staff, well-defined accounting system.

“SFGCU” PJSC is actively working on increasing the volumes of grains (receiving and storing). It is foreseen to lead the procurement volumes to 3.6 mln. tons for 2014/2015 MY by plans.